Colin Smith + Judith Wilson Architects

This project was to refurbish a residents' lounge for sheltered housing accommodation. It is the base for the scheme managers and a general activity space, which is home for everything from lunches, evening functions to carpet bowls and bingo. In addition there are general facilities such as a laundry together with a separate guest flat for visiting relatives.

The ancillary spaces for the old lounge were a jumble of irregularly shaped rooms that no longer met current space standards. Even with a rational approach to planning the accommodation which was required fell short of existing space until the adjacent ground floor flat became available and was incorporated into the scheme allowing the facility to be transformed.

The revitalisation of the lounge facility was the first phase of a larger refurbishment project where the upgraded lounge was to provide a place for the elderly residents to spend each day when work was ongoing in their homes and into the future.

Residents Lounge