Colin Smith + Judith Wilson Architects

The brief for this project was to extend a traditional single storey cottage overlooking a loch, not simply to provide additional accommodation, but also to achieve a more flexible layout of rooms and variety of interior spaces within the "conceptual piece of art" requested by our client.

This was achieved by placing a distinctly different extension on the west in the form of a two-storey drum with the simplest glazed link to the cottage. A difference in levels allowed the lower level study to connect with the garden, which, with a shower room, also acts as a guest bedroom. A top lit sitting room, higher than the original cottage improves the views over the loch. Internally curved stairs stress the drum.

Designed on a strict modular grid, expressed in the glazed clear storey over which the roof floats. Externally, the drum is formed by vertical larch cladding and subdivided by asymmetric vertical windows, rising from a solid brick base. This surprisingly is created all from straight components.

The landscaping in the form of low-level walls, stairs and paving is designed to strengthen the form of the drum, taking it out into the garden.