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Certified Passive House Designer

There is a great deal more to a Passive House design than geater insulation, good quality windows and improved air tightness.

The following critera must be achieved for a building to be Certified to
Passive House standard :

Heat Energy Demand             ≤            15 kWh/m2a

Building heating load              ≤            10 W/m2

Building air-tightness              ≤            0.6 air changes /h at 50 Pascals

Passive House standard does not only apply to houses but can be applied to any building type including blocks of flats, schools, hotels, etc. and there are many built examples.

Passive House Standard only constrains the Architect to design a compact layout for energy efficiency. The design, use of materials and so on are entirely up to the Architects to achieve the highest standards as can be seen from the recent Passive House Architecture Award.

Buildings designed and Certified by the Passivhaus Institut will use up to 90% less energy than typical buildings constructed to the current Building Standards and therefore contribute to their long term affordability.  Constant temperatures and ventilation system ensure a high indoor air quality. 

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