Colin Smith + Judith Wilson Architects


Our design is led by the things that inspire us visually and is drawn from many and diverse sources.

Architecture is after all the “Mother of the Arts”.

As Architects our approach to the design of buildings is first and foremost aesthetic, based upon our clients requirements and our response to the site.

There are many increasing constraints placed upon the design of buildings from planning, conservation, building standards, energy efficiency, sustainability and so on which are all fundamental in their own right. If only these are taken as the design constraints it is unlikely that the resulting building will achieve it's full potential to contribute to daily lives of the users and to the wider environment.

The images in this section are all taken from our extensive library of digitally manipulated photographs and scans created by ourselves, which have acted as inspiration over the last twenty five years.  As you can see natural forms, patterns, graphics, man made objects and sculpture in many forms are recurring themes. Many of these prints hang on the walls of our own house. Although their influence cannot be seen literally in the designs of our buildings their inspiration is always present.

We hope this is reflected in the buildings we design for our clients.