Colin Smith + Judith Wilson Architects

Forfar Day Care Centre originally comprised two ageing temporary buildings on a tightly bounded site and dominated by a massive redwood tree in the garden to the south.

Built in two phases, over an eight-year period from inception to completion, the Phase 1 extension is made up of three components, the dominant lounge, rest/quiet rooms and bathrooms/toilets arranged in an arc from the centre of the redwood tree which generated the stepping form of the plan. The three parts are expressed in the form of the building and are linked by two circulation spaces covered with glass to form internal courtyards.

Phase 2 signalled the demise of the remaining portacabin with the provision of a new entrance, dining room, kitchen and laundry. The dining area roof rising from south to north ending in clerestory windows that allow the north facing room to be infused with light. As in the original design the component parts are expressed in the form of the building which results in a seamless integration of both phases and a single purpose built building.

The extensive use of glass and the Centres relationship to the landscape enhances the experience of those attending the building.

Forfar Day Care

Dundee Institute of Architects Awards 2000
Angus Design Awards 2000 - Commendation (Non Residential)
Angus Design Awards 2004 - Commendation (Non Residential)