Colin Smith + Judith Wilson Architects

This project was essentially an extension to provide a double garage and to enlarge a home office, however, this was used as a catalyst to transform the street frontage of the house.

The materials used for the garage, white render, larch cladding and glass were carried on to give a face-lift to the street facade of the house. The render line of the garage echoes the eaves of the house. The pitch of the zinc roof was kept low to make the garage subservient to the house, although higher, and floats over the rendered mass of the garage by a band of cladding. The central section of the office roof is raised above the garage to further articulate that function and to make it more spacious internally.

The full height and high level windows of the study were designed to make it light and airy whilst maintaining privacy within. To the west the office opens onto a small platform where it would be possible to work outside on fine days.

The result, although a simple extension, presents a homogenous whole to the street.

Fintry Place