Colin Smith + Judith Wilson Architects

Good Design

As Architects, above all, we are designers and believe our buildings should be a joy to use and enhance living in, working in or simply using the building and it’s surroundings. Since forming our Practice in 1992 we have been researching and developing our designs with this aim.

Energy Efficiency

Our practice is also aware of the real need to act to reduce energy costs and demand on natural resources and invest in sustainable, environmental
technologies. Energy efficiency has been developed as part of our Practice Ethos for many years and Colin has recently qualified as a Certified Passive House Designer; the world’s leading standard in energy efficient construction. Wherever possible we try to encourage the use of on-site generation of renewable energy for space and water heating and power generation.


We work with our clients to specify natural materials from appropriate sustainable sources to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the buildings we design, both during the construction and over the entire life span of the building.  We are conscious of the role we can play in setting an example of energy efficient houses and sustainable buildings which aim to address these global issues by designing for the future.

Professional Service

From inception to completion our aim is to achieve all of the above objectives by providing a high quality professional and independent Architects Service.