Colin Smith + Judith Wilson Architects

A compact Victorian house with spectacular views over a river North to the hills, the brief was to provide an extension that would transform the property into a modern family house, to current space standards, maximizing views and sunlight. Our extension is arranged on the long axis, facing South and opens to the garden. The kitchen and dining at ground floor are separated by a staircase leading to a small first floor sitting room with views to the North.

Two bedrooms and bathrooms on the first floor are accessible from the stair in the original house. Roof glass now lights the stairwell and first floor hall. Glass above the bath allows you to lie, soak and contemplate the trees.

Rendered masonry was used up to the eaves height of the existing house and a timber and glass box then emerges from the solid masonry base. Two storey slit windows at either end of the stair, projecting bedroom windows and the use of materials provide the elements for the composition of an otherwise simple form. Larch cladding and cedar roof shingles will both grey naturally, allowing the masonry base to be the dominant element, and keeping it in scale with the Victorian house.


Angus Design Awards 2004 - Award for Extension