Colin Smith + Judith Wilson Architects

The term Architect is protected by law and ensures that we have the highest level of education, qualifications and professional experience. 

You will find us on the Architects’ Registration Board website

To be allowed to be called a Charted Architect you must be a member of the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland (R.I.A.S.) at

or the Royal Institute of British Architects (R.I.B.A.). at

Only an Architect will have a design based education and their independent professional service extends well beyond producing a set of drawings.  An Architect will lift your project well out of the ordinary with imagination to achieve your aspirations as set out in our Practice Ethos.

Through the efficient use of space, selection of materials and environmental strategies we will contribute to the value of and achieve value for your project.  The building process can be daunting, we will guide you through the development of your brief to the complex statutory procedures of submitting separate Planning and Building Warrant  Applications. We can then advise you on the best form of tender process, type of building contract and the appointing a main contractor, monitoring the works on site to completion.

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